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Mar 3, 2018
What is Elite Menu?

Elite Menu is only for PC and this does NOT work on consoles, or FiveM, or any other client version(s) for gta 5.

Elite Menu is a GTA V Mod Menu that can be used in Story Mode and on GTA V Online.

Is Elite Menu Undetected?

Our menu is currently undetected on GTA:Online Version 1.52

Ban rate is very low, compared to other menus on the market.
You can read more about the safety of our menu here:


Does Elite Menu work with Social club, Steam & Epic Games?

Yes! Our menu works on all versions of GTA V.

Does Elite Menu work with FiveM?

No, not at the moment.

I'm having problems with Elite Menu

If you experience any problems with the menu please submit a support ticket here.

How much does it cost?

For our monthly subscription, for Elite Menu, it's $9.99 USD per month.

You can also purchase our Elite Menu Plus which allows you to use Stealth cash and upcoming exclusive features for Elite Menu! That costs $9.99 along with our normal Elite Menu subscription.

To learn more about purchasing a subscription, please visit the account upgrades section on the forum

Features List:

  • player [self]
  • change model - change to police, alien, etc.
  • scenarios - animations
  • outfits [make, and edit modded outfits]
  • clear attached objects
  • gode mode - can't be killed.
  • no rag-doll - you won’t fall over, when been shot with rpgs, or fall off bikes, etc.
  • max health - refills health.
  • max Armour - refills armour.
  • never wanted - disables police following you, and annoying you!
  • fast run - run faster.
  • fast swim - swim father.
  • invisible - no one can see you.
  • opacity [0-255]
  • weapon damage modifier [1% to 300%]
  • one hit one kill - kills on one hit.
  • teleport gun - teleports you o where you shoot.
  • rapid fire - fires tons of bullets a second, like 10 rpgs a second.
  • give all weapons - gives you all weapons.
  • refill ammunition - refills ammo.
  • cash drop ammo - allows you to show 2.5k cash bags.
  • explosive ammo - bang bang, allows you to shoot explosions!
  • unlimited ammo - never reload, basically.
  • aim-bot [Target Friends, npcs. Enable]
  • saved vehicles - save cars, for later use.
  • spawn vehicles [ spawn god mode, spawn inside, spawn maxed, set number plate, delete previous]
  • spawn settings - you can change settings when you spawn cars in, of mode, delete previous, etc.
  • current vehicle - edit current vehicle!
  • vehicle health [displayed]
  • repair vehicle - sets cars/helis health back to normal.
  • display speed on screen
  • number plate type [ meaning swap number plates, even north yankton]
  • number plate text [changes text value to you're input]
  • invincible - none can blow you’re car(s) up.
  • sex all maxed - maxes out car.
  • set max Armour - maxes cars armour.
  • set invincible tires - does as it says.
  • primary color [ meaning you can set the cars RGB to any number, resulting in modded colors]
  • seconder color [ same as primary]
  • suspension - adds suspension.
  • spoiler - changes spoiler value.
  • exhaust - changes exhaust value.
  • hood - changes hood value.
  • front bumper - changes front bumper value.
  • rear bumper - changes rear bumper value.
  • grille - changes grille value.
  • side skirts - changes side skirts value.
  • roof - changes roof value.
  • window tint - changes tint value.
  • fenders - changes fenders value.
  • roll cage - changes roll cage value.
  • head lights - changes headlights value.
  • wheel category - changes wheel cat value.
  • wheel - changes wheels value.
  • rainbow colours - rainbow car! Yaaay.
  • horn boost [ can be adjusted in settings]
  • drift mode - drift baby.
  • always on ground - sticks to floor.
  • open all windows - opens odd cars windows.
  • open all doors - opens cars doors.
  • close all doors - closes area doors.
  • search [search for places, houses, etc]
  • teleport to way point - teleports you to waypoint selected.
  • chauffeur to way-point
  • teleport to objective - teleports you to objective.
  • custom maps [ some cool maps ]
  • safe houses - Micheal house, Franklin, etc.
  • land marks - land mark places.
  • rooftops - maze bank. Etc.
  • underwater - under water places.
  • interiors - houses. Etc.
  • special locations [hence the name]
  • players
  • recovery - recover accounts.
  • off the radar - none can see you.
  • Join player via R* ID - join player with their rockstar ID.
  • reveal other players - see other players off radar.
  • prevent idle kick - never be kicked for idling.
  • all players
  • Marker [ places a marker over the selected player]
  • esp - sets lines, and boxes on selected player(s)
  • spectate [ you can watch the player while not been at the tv]
  • teleport to - teleport to player.
  • teleport into car - teleports into there car.
  • fire loop - sets the player on fire, in a loop.
  • water loop - nice bath.
  • cage trap - cage that bitch!
  • copy outfit - copy current user outfit
  • clone player - clones their current player model
  • spawn bodyguard - Jesus to the rescue!
  • spawn hitman - kills that bitch!
  • cash drop [speed can be changed in settings]
  • give cops - gives the player police.
  • explode - kill player.
  • send to black screen - hahaha!
  • crash player - crashes player.
  • fake notifications [banked money, troll notification, etc.]
  • kick from session - kicks to new session.
  • kick from vehicle - kicks from car(s).
  • kick to story mode - kicks that annoying bastard to single player!
  • send to mission [ forces them to a MOC mission]
  • send transaction error message - spams them with errors.
  • ceo kick - ceo kick, funny.
  • ceo ban - even better, they can't reg for a hour.
  • blame player [ blames the player for killing whole lobby]
  • freeze - freezes player.
  • invite spam - spams invites.
  • ram player [ forces a car speeding at them]
  • kill player [ instant kills selected player]
  • set bounty [max 10k]
  • set rank. [1-8000]
  • max skills - maxes skills.
  • edit skills ADVANCED [edit KD, cash earned from jobs, ETC instructions and what they are, and what they do will be displayed below]
  • unlocks [ LSC, trophies, tattoos, wepons, ceo clutter max snacks, max fireworks,unlock all weapon camo, unlock all car upgrades, unlock all heist awards, unlock all biker clutter, unlock all arena wars]
[*] set bounty loop - loops 10k bounty’s.
[*] set bounty on everyone - same as loop, but not loop.
[*] explode all players - explodes all players and kills them.
[*] kick all from session - kicks all from session.
[*] kick all expect Friends - kicks all but freinds.
[*] marker on all players -marks all.
[*] esp on all players - same as esp, boxes, lines, etc.
[*] cassh drop all players
  • launch all cars [makes them speed froward]
  • weather [snow, Halloween, snow light, cloudy, fog,]
  • time - hours [ can be set from 0 to 24]
  • time - minutes [ can be set from 0 to 60]
  • times- secounds [ can be set from 0 to 60]
  • freeze time [stops the time from moving]
  • explosions at way point [must set way point first]
  • languages - set languages.
  • protections - so bellends can’t mess with you.
  • X position
  • Y position
  • width - change width.
  • sounds - enable / disable defaults sound.
  • cash drop loop speed [fast, normal, slow]
  • rainbow car speed [fast, normal, slow]
  • horn boost speed - change value of horn boost.
  • disable branding [removes WWW.GTAELITE.COM from loading]
  • save settings x- saves settings.
  • reset settings x- default settings.
  • All off
  • all on
  • kick - no-one can kick you from session.
  • kick from vehicle - none can kick you from you’re car.
  • crash - no knob hesds can crash you.
  • ceo kick/ban - none can ceo kick or ban you.
  • send to story mode - send you to story mode protection.
  • send to mission - none can send you to mission.
  • infinite loading screen - none can load screen you.
  • rotate camera - protection against people moving yore camera.
  • transaction error - sends errors, etc. - protections agains them.
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Mar 3, 2018
  • Stealth cash has been added! You can currently loop 200k per second.
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